80% of the benefits of a coach. 8% of the cost.

Join the invite-only pilot for the world’s first coaching co-op. Launching January 1st, 2024.

What’s a coaching co-op?

A coaching co-op is a radically affordable way to have an amazing coach. It’s for people who:

How does it work/what’s the commitment?

Each month you:

Each coaching session should be about 45-55mins

Why a coaching co-op instead of a traditional coach?

Having a coach is amazing. But it’s also expensive. It can cost $200-$350 per session, or $800-$1,400+ per month. I worked with a wonderful coach over the past ~3 years, who helped me get tons of clarity + get out of my own way. But I ultimately stopped because of the cost.

Still, I deeply believe the act of setting aside regular time to hold space, reflect, question, vent, brainstorm, plan, and talk about the big stuff in your life is one of the most valuable things you can do. Especially if you’re trying to do ambitious things. Having a coach in your corner to be a confidant, advisor, cheerleader, and accountability partner is like a secret weapon.

Yet…that person doesn’t need to be a professional coach. A big realization was that many of my best ideas, insights, and leaps forward happened over long walks & conversations with friends who had no professional coaching training whatsoever (but made up for it with empathy/caring).

How can you ensure my coach (and coachee) will be great?

  1. This pilot is invite-only; only for people I’ve known for years, who I’d genuinely be excited to have as a coach for myself. If you’re reading this, it means you cleared that high bar.
  2. We’ll provide some light training on the Rooster coaching methodology (more below)
  3. We’ll have a process for creating great matches between coach & coachee (more below)
  4. We’ll have a process to change your coach or coachee if not a fit (more below)